Learn how Zillow's mobile team uses Apptentive to ask for app ratings, gather customer feedback at scale, and build features people are requesting.

Allrecipes saw an 80% increase in five-star App Store ratings with Apptentive.

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Apptentive helps InterContinental Hotels Group drive over 9,000 mobile customer conversations.

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Apptentive helped StockTwits improve their apps and move from 1.5 to 4-star ratings.

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  • You can now count us among some of Apptentive's biggest fans! From our CEO down, Apptentive has become a known value-add tool throughout our company. We LOVE Apptentive.
    Director of Mobile Products
  • I love your product. It made such a huge difference at Concur. We all love your company, what it stands for, and we want to see you win.
    Mike Hilton
    Co-founder | Concur
  • Apptentive has been a game changer, both in terms of review counts, as well as our overall rating, and has become a key piece of our ASO strategy.
    Ron Schneidermann
    CMO | AllTrails
  • Apptentive gives us a platform to pull all of our customers' voices into one channel, and gives us an overall picture of what they say, how we can improve, and how to build our strategy. We love the great responses and positive feedback, but we see huge benefit from the critical responses and how we can improve.
    Katie Rice

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