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Listen, engage, and retain your mobile customers

Using in-app communication tools, we power the last-mile of customer interaction: the conversation. Consumer marketing’s future is “pull,” not “push,” and customer conversation is the key for enterprise brands to understand behavior.

Make your brand accessible

Listen to your customers

Use mobile as a vehicle to listen and respond to customer conversations.

Proactively engage at smart times

Proactively engage at smart times

Communicate intelligently with the right customers, at the right place, and at the right time.

Make data-driven decisions

Make data-driven decisions

Glean insights, learn, and take action based on customer feedback.

Thousands of customers use Apptentive on over 550 million devices

Apptentive powers millions of customer conversations every month.

Increase in App Store Ratings & Reviews
Increase in Positive Customer Sentiment
Increase in Customer Retention

“Before Apptentive we got down to a 2-star rating. We implemented Apptentive and immediately started seeing spikes in our 5-star ratings and reviews. Within a week or so, we were up to 4-stars, and now we’re at 5-stars. It’s a good feeling to know that your app is great, but oftentimes, you don’t see the positive reviews come through. With Apptentive, we’re able to highlight that.”

Yenna Cheng | Senior Program Manager, Nordstrom

Building customer relationships, one conversation at a time

Our product gives you the opportunity to identify who to talk to, intelligently engage user segments, and mobilize customers to take action through:

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