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Voice of the Customer solution for your mobile customer experience

Activate happy customers to leave positive feedback online and fix negative relationships before it’s too late.

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What people say and feel about your company, product, or service significantly impacts overall brand reputation. Apptentive’s mobile customer feedback solution helps you measure customer sentiment over time so that you can intercept negative feedback before it’s too late -while maximizing NPS scores and app store ratings and reviews.

Activate fans to amplify your brand

Increase customer retention by increasing the volume of five-star ratings and improving the quality of your reviews. Increase customer lifetime value by proactively prompting people to share their positive experiences in public channels.

Precisely target the right people at the right time

Apptentive’s sophisticated in-app targeting and segmentation allows you to get the right message to the right people at the right time. Prompt happy customers for reviews, and redirect unhappy customers to private feedback channels.

Improve CSAT and NPS

See up to 90% survey response rates in real time from your channel with the highest engagement: mobile. We give brands the ability to augment their NPS data with customer sentiment and track changes down to the individual level. Know the ‘why’ behind your NPS score.

Easily measure and analyze your online reputation in one place

With Apptentive’s sentiment tracking, you can easily pinpoint trends, changes, and themes in your online reviews. Measure these insights against other customer experience metrics like NPS and CSAT to gain a holistic understanding of your brand reputation.


Take the guesswork out of your product roadmap.

Product Teams

Increase app downloads and five-star ratings when the right people leave reviews. Quickly identify pain points or broken features when complaints are brought internally, and follow-up directly with customers who have issues rather than watching them rant and rave in the app store.

Marketing Teams Understand how customer emotions

Marketing Teams

Activate fans to do your marketing for you by retargeting them and driving them to leave positive reviews on the app store. Manage your brand image with confidence when you constantly have a pulse on changing customer sentiment. Understand customers’ least and most favorite things about your brand so that you can inform your marketing strategy accordingly.

CX Teams Go beyond NPS to identify the cause of customer sentiment shifts

CX Teams

Go beyond NPS to identify the cause of customer sentiment shifts, and motivate the fans of your brand to sing your praises. Benchmark external metrics like ratings and reviews against internal ones like NPS and CSAT to gain a holistic understanding of the customer experience.


Ratings + Reviews

Generate more five-star ratings and positive reviews from your fans while redirecting unhappy customers to more productive channels.

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Quickly see a snapshot summary of your all-time and recent ratings and reviews. Easily see customer engagement and activity in one place.

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Precisely retarget customers to reach them at the right time and place

Notes + Actions

Quickly communicate a message at scale or prompt customers to take a specific action.

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Engage at the right times and place throughout a digital experience to capture more qualitative information


Engage at the right times and places throughout a mobile experience to capture more qualitative information.

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Quickly resolve issues and close the communication loop

Message Center

Provide frustrated customers with a private channel to report problems and communicate issues through two-way conversations.

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Measure shifts in customer sentiment across time and touchpoints so you can identify when and where to intervene

Sentiment Analysis

Easily identify negative shifts in customer emotion so you can intercept negative ratings and reviews, and increase customer retention.

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Ratings + Reviews

Ratings + Reviews

Increase five-star ratings and gather more positive reviews from happy customers while redirecting negative feedback away from the app store.

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Sentiment should be at the heart of your business decisions.

Apptentive powers millions of consumer interactions on billions of mobile devices for the world’s best brands. The best brands are those who listen to customers and act on feedback.

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