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Build products customers love to use

Make data-driven product decisions based on real-time customer feedback.

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By listening deeply to customer feedback and sentiment, and asking the right questions at the right places and times within your mobile customer experience, you can build exceptional products and rally your company around a single, centric point of reference: the customer.

Prioritize product roadmaps

Uncover customer needs you haven’t considered yet with our precise targeting capabilities, which can help you prioritize decisions and workflows.

Gather real-time customer feedback

Collect thousands of responses in a short amount of time in order to make data-driven decisions faster than ever.

Quickly identify and solve product issues and bugs faster

Tracking changes in customer sentiment can highlight when things go wrong in real-time. Effectively target at-risk customers, ask them for feedback, and then let them know when the problem is resolved.

Make customer-centric products

Make informed decisions on projects by polling customer segments on product ideas. Be able to influence large scale top-down product decisions within your executive team with data from your mobile app customers.


Engage at the right times and place throughout a digital experience to capture more qualitative information


Gather real-time customer feedback that helps prioritize your product roadmap. Proactively prompt engaged customers to give product suggestions and ideas.

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Precisely retarget customers to reach them at the right time and place

Notes + Actions

Quickly notify customers about bug fixes, mobile app updates, and other improvements to the mobile product experience.

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Quickly resolve issues and close the communication loop

Message Center

Follow-up on issue reports, ask clarifying questions, and close the communication loop with unhappy customers when the problem is solved.

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Measure shifts in customer sentiment across time and touchpoints so you can identify when and where to intervene

Sentiment Analysis

Identify a broken customer experience with real-time customer sentiment tracking. Immediately know when your roadmap needs to shift.

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“We use Apptentive to run our surveys. But we don’t do it annoyingly. There’s a nice algorithm there so that we don’t constantly poll our customers. We use our existing customer base to tell us what they need from us. We ensure that if enough customer base has the same theme, we are going to take care of that. We definitely put the customer first in that way, and we use tools to help give us the data points to tell our execs, ‘This is a priority.’”

Ria Delamere Mobile Platform Dev. Manager, Concur

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Gather real-time feedback to help make data-driven decisions faster than ever.

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Sentiment should be at the heart of your business decisions.

Apptentive powers millions of consumer interactions on billions of mobile devices for the world’s best brands. The best brands are those who listen to customers and act on feedback.

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