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Precise in-app targeting and personalization

Target the right people at the right time to increase loyalty and customer retention.

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Apptentive’s sophisticated targeting allows you to get the right messages and offers to the right people at the right time. Use customer emotions and shifts in customer sentiment over time to trigger targeted and personalized actions.

Segment customers better with enriched first-party data

Incorporate the voice of the customer into individual profiles as they provide feedback and indicate emotions across touchpoints. Augment your customer profiles with their mobile customer feedback to use within your CRM, CDP or other platform and use across your marketing channels.

Respond to at-risk customers by retargeting in-app or across external marketing channels by segments based on customer sentiment

Retarget at-risk customers before it’s too late

Quickly respond to at-risk customers by retargeting in-app, or across your external marketing channels by segmenting based on real-time emotions. It’s also important to watch for negative changes in sentiment over time, since this is an important indicator of something broken in your mobile customer experience. Redirect frustrated customers to Surveys or our Message Center to quickly identify issues and follow-up once resolved with an actionable Note.

Don’t interrupt customer experiences with pesky alerts, event targeting allows you to prompt customers at the right moment

Minimize disruption by communicating at the right place and time

Don’t interrupt your customers’ experiences with pesky distractions. Precise Event Targeting allows you to prompt customers for interactions at exactly the right moment. With Apptentive, response rates will increase because customers will be more likely to take action rather than dismissing you. We highly encourage testing different settings, such as location and frequency of prompting, to achieve the best results for using ratings prompts in your app.

Activate your brand evangelists

Activate your fans with new audience segments

With enriched profiles, you can create hyper-personalized communication based on customer or program identifiers, shifts in customer sentiment, or behavior. Ask for mobile app ratings and reviews, and increase engagement from your strongest customers through mobile retargeting.


Take the guesswork out of your product roadmap.

Product teams

Gain a deeper understanding of how different types of customers use your product and how they feel, to better inform your roadmap and mobile product management efforts. Encourage app updates, notify customers about changes, and gather feedback about new features.

Marketing Teams Understand how customer emotions

Marketing teams

Improve advertising effectiveness and optimize your marketing efforts by segmenting customers based on emotions in-app or across your marketing channels. Create new campaigns to save at-risk customers, and increase the lifetime value of your fans by driving five-star ratings. Notify customers about abandoned carts, upcoming sales, restocks, and more.

CX Teams Go beyond NPS to identify the cause of customer sentiment shifts

CX teams

Gather first-party data to reveal insights unique to specific audiences and identify gaps in the customer experience.



Quickly identify at-risk customers and take action to win them back.

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Measure shifts in customer sentiment across time and touchpoints so you can identify when and where to intervene

Sentiment Analysis

Identify key moments when customer emotions shift so you can intervene at the right time with the right message.

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Precisely retarget customers to reach them at the right time and place

Notes + Actions

Precisely cater notifications, announcements, and calls-to-action to your various cohorts.

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Ratings + Reviews

Effectively target people who love you, encouraging them to leave positive reviews and drive five-star ratings.

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Engage at the right times and place throughout a digital experience to capture more qualitative information


Tailor your surveys to specific audiences to better understand why different customers feel the way they do.

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Sentiment Anaylsis

Learn about Sentiment Analysis

Identify key moments when customer sentiment shifts so you can intervene at the right time with the right message.

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Sentiment should be at the heart of your business decisions.

Apptentive powers millions of consumer interactions on billions of mobile devices for the world’s best brands. The best brands are those who listen to customers and act on feedback.

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