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customer engagement benchmark report

Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmark Report: 2018 Edition

We analyzed thousands of apps to help you understand how your mobile experience stacks up against the mobile ecosystem.

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6 Lessons from Expert Product Managers

We interviewed 7 PMs in the mobile industry across multiple industries to hear their career advice and predictions for mobile product management.

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Understand and Measure Customer Lifetime Value

What variables contribute to customer lifetime value (or LTV), why it’s important, how to measure it, and how to use it to your advantage.

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4 Ways to Proactively Engage with Mobile Customers

Four tips to proactively engage your mobile customers, along with step-by-step practices and examples to get you started.

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The 7-Step Customer Centricity Checklist

Through a customer-centric approach, companies can prioritize their product roadmap based on direct customer feedback and sentiment.

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Increase Your Mobile Net Promoter Score

Drive more NPS responses, improve your score, and collect better customer feedback by leveraging “NPS+” formulated specifically for mobile audiences.

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