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2019 Mobile Benchmarks, by App Category

How engagement metrics impact an app’s discoverability, loyalty, and retention rates by comparing app store category similarities and differences.

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2019 Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmark Report

We analyzed thousands of apps so you can learn how your customer feedback metrics stack up against the market.

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Why Mobile Customer Feedback is Your Big Missed Opportunity

Tips for PMs and marketers on gathering customer feedback and turning it into your brand’s biggest strength, unique to your business.

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The Mobile Product Manager’s Productivity Quadrant

If you feel like you have too much to do and need a new method for quick, effective prioritization, our productivity quadrant can help.

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5 Hard Questions for Mobile Product Managers

Five questions that will help you evaluate personal strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately, push you and your product to the next level.

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The Complete Guide to Customer Lifecycle Management

82 pages on managing the mobile customer lifecycle to set a solid marketing strategy in today’s marketplace.

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