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The 30 Step Guide to Mobile App Launch

This guide contains 30 steps you can start taking today to master the mobile app launch and set your app for success for years to come.

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How to Construct a Retail App Guide Cover

How to Construct a Retail App: Key Strategies & Elements from Top Apps

We identified the best mobile strategies by analyzing five of the top retail apps, including Amazon, Kohl’s, and eBay.

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16 Steps to 5-Star App Reviews

Improving your app’s reviews process boils down to a 16-step plan of attack, no matter how advanced your mobile marketing strategy is.

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The Guide to Mobile App Ratings and Reviews

First impressions matter, and peer recommendations in the form of app store ratings and reviews are the single greatest driver of discovery and conversion.

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Advanced Guide to Mobile Product Management

This guide was created to help senior product managers better understand what their peers are focused on, how to level up their skills, and how to get ahead.

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The CMO Mobile Cheat Sheet

Stats on the mobile industry’s past, present, and future so you can see where your team’s strategy falls, along with actionable tips for measuring the ROI of mobile.

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