Apptentive Web SDK expands your customer feedback network beyond native mobile apps, helping you engage and hear from a higher volume of visitors on the web—at a lower cost than alternative methods. Unifying your “voice of the customer” across web channels and native mobile lets you listen to, evaluate, and respond to broad sentiment and journey experience over time.

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Core Advantages

  • Superior feedback targeting flexibility to engage the right visitors at the right places and times.

  • Self-service micro surveys and engagements set up in just minutes for fast business impact.

  • Unlimited survey creation and completed responses, saving added volume costs.

  • Supports higher than average response volumes for both web and mobile web.

More Flexibility for More Customers

Apptentive’s superior visitor and event targeting reduce customer friction while significantly increasing response volume, to proactively reach out at the right places and times within your web experience. Encouraging micro engagements by starting with one simple question from our Love Dialog, you will improve the quality and quantity of feedback by 100x, at scale.

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Lower Costs, Higher Volumes

Apptentive Web SDK is available for a flat annual fee, with no ongoing usage or volume charges tied to surveys or responses. Unlike more expensive alternatives, this lets you drive unlimited feedback and more survey completes without increasing your overall costs. Your ability to create and turn on micro surveys in only minutes—without the need for outside assistance—provides quick business impact from proactive customer feedback.

Your Rhythm of Customer Feedback

The Web SDK helps you get a simple daily pulse of customer love, as well as more qualitative feedback, to turn web and mobile web experiences into interactive communications with your consumers. This rhythm helps grow revenue opportunities, build ongoing loyalty, and encourage more engagement.

Multiple Channels for Customer Engagement

As a companion to our Mobile SDK, the Web SDK supports the best interaction capabilities of the Apptentive platform for product managers responsible for web and mobile web experiences.

Love Dialog

Love Dialog

Quickly understand how web visitors feel about your brand and the web experience, so you can respond appropriately and optimize future actions and drive more successful marketing.

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Give visitors the opportunity to message you from the web or mobile web experience, improving relationships and moving sales forward.

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Survey and NPS

Encourage web visitors to tell you more about their preferences, and quantify sentiment through NPS or micro surveys. This helps you capture closed-loop feedback and improve CX decisions to serve customers better.

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Thank visitors for responding to the Love Dialog and inspire them to move to next steps or take directed actions.

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Love Analytics

Drill into customer feedback and be more customer centric by becoming more data driven.

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Flexible Configuration and Styling

Customer feedback elements displayed at runtime through the Web SDK appear in the lower-right corner of customer browsers. You have significant control over the appearance of these dialogs.

Apptentive's Vision is to Enable a Voice for Every Customer

  • Configure the Love Dialog question and Yes/No button text to match your brand, desired experience, or feedback goals.

  • Define your own surveys or start with one of our many survey templates to quickly enable more qualitative feedback.

  • Author your desired Note and Message prompt text, as well as button labels for action.

  • Style dialogs to match the colors of your website appearance for brand continuity.

  • Target visitors for feedback based on browser data or customer segment profiles, or custom data which you define—triggered by a wide variety of rules and events.

The world’s top brands—including JetBlue, Buffalo Wild Wings, Viacom, Overstock.com, and Zillow—depend on Apptentive to help them proactively listen to 100x more consumers at scale, enhancing customer love to improve customer experience.

* Annual fee per domain or distinct subdomain. Unlimited surveys and responses included, but specific limits placed on the number of events, based on customer tier.

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