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Apptentive Surveys are optimized for mobile with in-depth targeting, so you can gather thousands of responses quickly to make faster data-driven decisions.

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Mobile device showing customer experience data. Asking customer how they feel and what drives them to come back to your app.

Better Understand the Voice of the Customer

Surveying your customers is a great way to discover who they are, what drives them to come back, how they feel about your customer experience across mobile and web, and what they’d like improved. Go beyond NPS to truly understand the voice of the customer.

Surveys help you:

  • Prioritize your product roadmap
  • Add context and value to NPS
  • Quickly gather real-time customer feedback
  • Accurately capture the voice of the customer
  • Increase survey completion rates

How It Works

Get started quickly with simple configuration

Surveys are easy to create and customize within the Apptentive dashboard, and they can be changed without updating your app. Surveys can be shown to your customers in two ways on either your mobile app or website, either through a button that calls a survey when tapped, or as a pop up based on conditions you set within their mobile customer experience or on your website.

Target customers based on specific attributes
Send surveys at the right time and place
Gather qualitative and quantitative first-party data
Easily analyze survey results
Get started with simple configuration target customers based on specific attributes send surveys gather first-party data analyze survey results
Event Targeting allows you to prompt customers to take a survey at the right moment
Poll groups of customers through mobile-optimized and web NPS survey questions
Apptentive automatically sorts survey responses into sentiment categories so you can quickly analyze and track changes in customer emotion
apptentive customer sentiment chat

…[F]olks above me had some questions about a planned feature, so I decided to throw a survey up on Apptentive. My manager was very impressed when less than 24 hours later, I had clear data points based on hundreds of responses! I was really gratified by this comment from one respondent: ‘…you guys rock. Love the way this survey was integrated and asked clear questions to help hit the mark.”

Elisabeth Devos, Product Manager

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