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Notes + Actions

Inspire your customers to take action now with Notes.

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In-App Communication at Scale

Notes are a powerful capability that allow you to drive customer engagement and improve in-app customer communication. Through Notes, you can better connect with customers to keep them informed, delight them in-app, and ultimately, gather their feedback to continuously improve your mobile experience.

Communicate on a broad scale

Notes are a way to communicate without asking customers to take an action. Quickly deliver a message to the audience you need to reach without having to release a new version of your app.

Proactively reach out to minimize churn

If there is a known bug or a payment failed, send a Note to help save the relationship. Don’t wait for your next app release to take action.

Educate and delight customers

Did you add a new feature? Is there a piece of content customers won’t want to miss? Send a Note at the right time to educate and delight, including deeplinking to other areas of your app.

How It Works

Boost retention

Whether the customer is engaging for the first time or is one of your loyal customers, a Note can be used to reward loyalty and boost retention through promotional offers or new content announcements.

Increase adoption
Gather customer feedback
Make announcements
Drive customers to content in real-time

Apptentive gives us a platform to pull all of our customers’ voices into one channel, and gives us an overall picture of what they say, how we can improve, and how to build our strategy on it. We love the great responses and positive feedback, but we see huge benefit from the critical responses and how we can improve.”

Katie Rice, Product

Head shot: Katie Rice

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