The Apptentive dashboard provides key insights into who your customers are, what they care about, and how to communicate with them. Apptentive works from day one using machine learning and semantic analysis to bubble up key trends, so you can stop guessing what customers want and recognize issues not readily seen.


Understand 'why' with certainty

Surface customer experience issues and successes, and shed light on competitors through the voice of the customer. Utilize the data to drive your product roadmap and to improve your mobile communication strategy.

Know your customer base and segment better

Apptentive digs into the raw text found in app store reviews and Apptentive survey responses and messages, then presents the analysis in a clear dashboard with data visualizations.

Prioritize your product roadmap

With real-time feedback data, you can move away from a “diversified” approach where you try lots of things in the hopes that one works. Apptentive helps you shift to an approach where you focus on fewer things you know will be more successful.

Quickly scale what's working and reverse what is not

Identify when there are trends – positive or negative, expected or not. You can see how your entire customer base responds to the trends to baseline how fans AND detractors feel.

Be responsive to competitive threats

Your customer can be your best source of competitive intelligence. Leverage what your customers tell you to better understand what is happening in the marketplace, and aggregate what they say about competitors.

Understand how sentiment impacts revenue

Gain insight into customer sentiment, customer loyalty, and engagement intent to ensure your dollars are spent in the right place.

Apptentive's Reporting Suite

App Health

The primary destination to look at the health of your customer base. Reports highlight your most relevant data and make it easy to share insights about your mobile customers.


Using machine learning, Insights automatically detects trends across all of your reviews, helping you make sense of explicit customer feedback and to understand why customers take certain actions.

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