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Thanks for reaching out! While you wait for confirmation from an Apptentive team member, you may find these free resources to be of interest:


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7 Steps to Product Roadmap Success

Learn how to fight feature creep, deliver the right value, and translate vision into action. Let us help you revitalize your product roadmap today, and help make 2021 your year.

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Mobile Marketing

7 Ways Media Companies Drive Better In-app Engagement and Sales

Ashley Sefferman  //  April 20, 2017  //  7 min read

When it comes to competing for viewers, the media industry leads the way. Media companies are in fierce competition to garner new customers, and ultimately, to drive customer love throughout their massive communities. But with consumers becoming more mobile by the day, media companies have had to adapt their content to consistently deliver a high-quality customer experience across all mediums.

To help connect with their customers, many international media companies use Apptentive to create brand affinity, and more importantly, to create a sense of continuity within their conversations. We help our media customers create personal dialogues with their consumers, and to share useful information about upcoming events and new experiences without disrupting their customer experiences.

We’re lucky to work with some of the largest international media companies in the business. To both share their incredible stories and respect their privacy, company names have been redacted.

Here’s how the biggest names in media use Apptentive to better engage with their customers.

1. Leverage in-app messaging to promote real-time content

Promoting live television content in your app leads to huge boosts in engagement, and ultimately, more viewers tuning in who you may not have reached elsewhere. Here’s an example about how one of our media customers used in-app messaging to drive 55% of their app’s consumers to watch the promoted content in real-time.

An international media company needed a way to promote their live television content during this year’s political events. In order to drive a large crowd to watch the political event in-app, they needed to send messages to customers that an important broadcast was happening in real-time in an effort to encourage app users to tune in.

The media company implemented Apptentive Notes to send in-app messages to promote three different broadcasts. The company created three different Notes tailored to each broadcast, and created separate versions of each Note for iPad and iPhone users. The Notes were distributed during the broadcast in order to encourage a large segment of users to tune in at different times.
Each Note included a message about the broadcast and an in-app deep link to take them directly to the piece of content within the app where the broadcast could be viewed live.

The media company was thrilled to be able to message people at the exact time that the program segments started. They were rewarded with extremely high conversion rates, which drove more viewers to their highly advertised broadcast. The three different Notes ran on both iPhone and iPad for 4 hours, 37 minutes. The media company received 116,978 total views of the Notes where users took action. Of those views, 64,422 people (55.1%) clicked Watch/Watch Now to access the live broadcast. For the second broadcast, which was the primary broadcast, 70% of viewers clicked Watch Now.

Use Notes to promote real-time content

2. Ask your mobile customers for real-time feedback and NPS on new shows

When launching a new show, customers are the best focus groups. Our media customers leverage Apptentive to help them understand how new shows are received from their consumers in real-time.

For example, an international media company launched a new show they wanted direct feedback on. The company leveraged Apptentive Surveys and NPS to survey viewers directly after watching the pilot and first few episodes of the show through their app.

The company asked two questions around the show: how likely the viewer was to recommend the show (NPS), and how the viewer would rate their advertising experience. After a response was received, the viewer was then asked to explain their response in an open-ended text box so the company could truly understand what they thought about the experience.

The surveys received a 35.5% response rate, and the company was able to hear from over 20,000 of the show’s earliest adopters to understand what they enjoyed about the experience and what they’d like improved.


3. Provide login support

The login process is one of the more frustrating, complicated issues most media companies face. Most media companies have little to no control over login problems as it’s up to cable providers to design and execute a flawless experience due to the nature of cable subscriptions being required to access the media company’s app content. Between password recovery struggles and consumers giving up when login gets tough, media companies who rely on cable providers to support a swift, easy login experience are typically let down and left dealing with frustrated customers. But fear no more! Apptentive is here to help.

Our media customers leverage Apptentive Message Center to connect one-on-one with customers struggling to log in. Through Message Center, consumers are able to get in touch directly with a person at your company when login—inevitably—gets tough. From there, customer support staff is able to help the consumer troubleshoot the problem, apologize for the headache, get feedback on the process to pass along to the cable provider, and ultimately, help the consumer know that their frustration is heard.

4. Trigger in-app prompts to support your event marketing

Awards shows are peak engagement opportunities for media companies with old and new consumers alike, and most engagement occurs outside of simply watching the show live. Our media companies leverage Apptentive Notes (in-app prompts) to drum up excitement around their upcoming awards shows, and to drive new viewers to the content while it’s live.

One of our amazing customers leveraged a Note for this year’s Golden Globe Awards. Before the event, the company released an app update viewers needed if they wanted to stream the show on their mobile device. In order to message this update, the company sent a Note to encourage consumers to upgrade their apps ahead of time so they could access the content, rather than updating the app once the show was already live.

As the Golden Globes began, the company sent a Note to consumers once they launched the app to ensure their audience knew what was going on with the show. They were able to reach over 700,000 consumers with their Note, which drove new views and engagement opportunities for the brand.

Use Notes to support event marketing

5. Use in-app prompts to promote new initiatives, flash sales, and more

Looking for a new way to promote marketing initiatives, flash sales, and other promotions that drive consumer engagement? Apptentive Notes is the perfect solution!

An Apptentive customer recently leveraged Notes to promote a number of new initiatives in-app. The first was a new charitable initiative called “Stream to Fight Hunger.” The company sent a Note to 1.5 million of their app’s consumers letting them know that, when they streamed their favorite show or movie through the app that month, the company would donate a meal to Feeding America.

Stream and Give campaign

The company also leverages Notes to promote three additional initiatives:

  • Marketing for new content. When celebrities announce a new tour or series/album, Notes are sent to consumers within the app to promote the news and to drum up excitement.
  • Promotion around “Free Preview Weekends.” To encourage upgrades for premium content and channels, the company leverages Notes to message that their premium content will be available for the weekend, driving in-app engagement and ultimately, customer upgrades.
  • Recommended content. Notes are leveraged to draw attention to new content people might be interested in but aren’t aware of. These Notes are not triggered on app launch, but are carefully placed throughout the app depending on the consumers’ in-app behavior.

6. Proactively provide in-app messages for quick announcements

As we’ve already seen, Notes are a great way to send one-way messages consumers don’t need to take an immediate action on, but when they still need to receive a message. Many of our media companies leverage Notes for general announcements, such as playback or app issues, version upgrades, scheduled maintenance, and more.

Recently, Amazon experienced an AWS issue that took down a significant portion of the Internet, including many of Apptentive’s customers. In order to notify consumers about what was going on, one of our media companies leveraged an Apptentive Note to send out real-time information about why people wouldn’t recieve content, and to apologize for the issue.

Apologies for playback issues

Notes are also a great way to share tips. The same company recently sent a Note with tips on how to leverage DVR capabilities through their mobile app. Talk about streamlining content!

DVR setup Note

7. Measure customer love

In general, offering customers the option to leave feedback gives them a place to vent. Sometimes just asking is enough for the customer, and turning your sights toward customer love is key to gauging sentiment. Focusing on customer love shows you’ve connected your in-app experience with your brand, which ultimately helps bring all your feedback channels together.

Measuring customer love is especially important around reviews. Our media customers leverage Apptentive Love Prompts to help gauge customer sentiment for their apps by using an emotional stop word: love. If customers don’t love the app, the company has an opportunity to gain valuable feedback on how to turn the in-app experience into something they DO love. The people who select “Yes” are perfect candidates to ask to leave a review in the app store. “Love” is a strong word people may not associate with most products or experiences. Therefore, you can be confident that the individuals who respond “yes” to your prompt will most likely leave a positive review.

For example, Viacom uses Apptentive’s Ratings Prompts in the MTV app in order to understand sentiment and measure customer love.

MTV app

Looking ahead

When it comes to driving better in-app engagement, there is a ton of opportunity for media companies to stand out and engage their customers in new, exciting ways. Hopefully these tips give your team an idea of where to start, or inspiration for a new campaign or offering.

If you’re beginning to think about driving better in-app engagement, we’d love to help! Drop us a line to connect with a member of our team who can share more information about Apptentive, or leave your thoughts in the comments below to get the conversation going.

About Ashley Sefferman

Ashley Sefferman is Director of Marketing at Apptentive. A digital communication and content strategy enthusiast, she writes about multichannel engagement strategies, customer communication, and making the digital world a better place for people. Follow Ashley on Twitter at @ashseff.
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