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Introducing the Slack Integration for Message Center

Mike Saffitz  //  March 23, 2017  //  2 min read

We’re excited to announce the release of our (first!) Slack integration for Message Center. With this integration, details about inbound and outbound conversation activity within Message Center will be sent to your team via Slack.

Slack has revolutionized the way teams communicate by eliminating the clunkiness of email, making way for a more fluid conversation, increasing visibility across departments, and enabling teams to solve problems faster. With this integration, our customers who use Slack are now able to realize all of those benefits with Message Center as well.

The Slack notifications include details about the message sender (when available) and details about who the conversation is assigned to in the Apptentive dashboard. It doesn’t permit replies (yet!).

Here’s how the integration looks within Slack:
Apptentive's Slack Integration for Message Center

How to get started

To set up your Slack integration, a configuration is required on a per-app basis via the dashboard. To get started, go to https://be.apptentive.com/apps/current/settings/integrations.

We are still working on adding more features to this integration and anticipate that we’ll add more Slack support in the future. You know what that means—we want your feedback!

Please email your customers success representative or reach out to support@apptentive.com to tell us how we can make this experience better as we continue to develop these integrations.

How our Slack integration came to life

As a team, we love to share insights and work on ideas that will enrich our customer experience. We have designated hack days for our engineering team to work on solving new problems for two uninterrupted days. At the end of the hack, they present their solutions to the entire company over lunch.

During our #CustomerLove week hack day we realized keeping up with your customer conversations in Message Center could be a much better experience if real-time updates were available, and thus, our Slack integration was born.

The Slack integration is one of the many useful things that have come from hack days; they’ve become a tradition everyone on our team looks forward to.

While we keep hacking, we can’t wait to hear your feedback on the Message Center Slack integration!

About Mike Saffitz

Mike Saffitz is the Co-founder and CTO at Apptentive. When he's not building Apptentive, you can find Mike skiing, reading, and on Twitter at @msaffitz.
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