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How to Manage Your Brand’s Reputation on Mobile

Marissa Bosché  //  June 7, 2016  //  3 min read

Companies spend massive amounts of time and resources perfecting their brand, and the companies that include mobile in the equation are typically leaders in their industry. Take Starbucks and Nordstrom, for example. Starbucks has pioneered a mobile strategy that integrates with storefronts to boost sales and minimize lines, while Nordstrom has built their brand on five-star customer service across all channels—including mobile. What do these two companies have in common? Their investment in mobile brand reputation management.

To understand how mobile impacts brand image, we surveyed consumers to learn the role mobile plays in consumers’ perceptions of brands as a whole. Our findings are revealed in our latest report, How to Manage Your Brand’s Reputation on Mobile, which provides insights into how mobile can boost your brand image in the eyes of consumers.


Best of all? The report is free for anyone to download!

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Here’s a quick preview of what you’ll learn:

Mobile Apps: An Extension of Your Brand

Mobile apps—and content in the app stores—are an extension of your brand, but all too often, they get left out of the marketing brand strategy discussion. Content in the app stores can have a negative impact on your brand if it’s not being monitored and kept. We found 73% of consumers are likely to leave a review after a negative app experience. If your app has negative reviews, your conversion rate is likely to suffer; 77% of respondents reported that they read at least one review before downloading a free app, and 80% before downloading a paid app.


Sharing thoughts on a brand is not the intended purpose of app store reviews, but still have an effect on potential customers. Ratings and reviews are a massive driver not only of app downloads, but connecting potential customers with a brand. If people are considering your brand and looking at the app store to decide, they’ll be influenced either in a positive way or see it as a barrier to entry.

A Name Brand Won’t Save You

Many companies fall prey to the misconception that relying on their brand name is a justifiable strategy. The data proves that’s a dangerous mindset to have in mobile—55% of respondents said a 1-star or 2-star app store rating of a well known brand’s app negatively impacts their view of the brand as a whole. Conversely, 71% of respondents said a 4-star or 5-star app store rating of a well known brand’s app positively impacts their view of the brand as a whole.

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Ratings and reviews have heavy implications no matter how widely recognized your brand name is. Not only do they impact consumer perception of your brand as a whole, they determine the likelihood that someone will download your app. Our survey revealed that people are 8x more likely to download a highly rated app of an unknown brand than a poorly rated app of a known brand.

Want to learn more? Of course you do! Grab your free copy of the full survey to better understand how mobile impacts your brand’s reputation.

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Marissa Bosché is the Marketing Communications Manager at Apptentive. She studies consumer behavior in an increasingly mobile world, and loves helping businesses connect with their customers on a personal level. Follow Marissa on Twitter at @MarissaBosche.
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