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Apptentive’s Mobile Customer Experience software empowers companies to hear from 100 times more customers—at scale. Using proactive mobile communication tools, Apptentive enables companies to deeply understand their customers in order to drive app downloads, create seamless customer experiences, and validate product roadmaps. Through intelligently timed surveys, messages, and prompts, the company powers millions of customer interactions every month on over a billion devices worldwide for companies including Buffalo Wild Wings, Concur, eBay, International Hotels Group, Philips, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Viacom.

CEO bio

Robi Ganguly grew up in Redmond, WA back when it was most famous for Nintendo rather than Microsoft. After attending Pomona College, Robi spent three years at WebEx Communications, where he built one of the industry’s first SaaS pricing strategies. Robi then joined Yahoo!, where he set many of today’s ad standards. After leaving Yahoo!, Robi advised several global CPG brands on their digital communications strategies, which led him to create Apptentive. Founded on the principle of “Customer Love,” Apptentive believes every company is in the business of earning customer loyalty. As Apptentive’s CEO, Robi has led the company from an idea to a venture-backed startup that powers millions of customer conversations a month for thousands of companies around the world.


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Apptentive Logo

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