What is the Love Score?

The Love Score ranks Android and iOS apps based on the level of customer experience and gives a more accurate look at the apps that people love and use on a daily basis than the Top Charts in the app stores. It takes a comprehensive look at a variety of metrics including the popularity, ratings and reviews, customer sentiment, reviewer quality, and Apptentive’s internal metrics informed by a database of over 50 million people. All together the data is used to create a mobile app’s Love Score.

Note: We can only compute a love score for apps that have received more than 50 reviews over its entire lifetime.

Why is the Love Score important?

Knowing what your customers think and feel about your app is crucial to your app’s success. Apptentive’s Love Score helps companies understand how their mobile customers think and feel about their apps. The brands that succeed on mobile will be the ones that measure the customer experience for their apps and work to improve it.

The Love Score can help companies begin to understand the mobile customer experience of their applications and see how they compare to against their competitors. As mobile becomes even more dominant in our lives, the experience of using an app will be set high and companies will need to invest in the mobile customer experience to come out on top.

Understanding and improving the mobile customer experience may sound simple, but many brands, including ones that are known for providing great customer experiences, struggle to create a positive experience on mobile. We dug further into this issue in our first report, Love Score: Top Brands Still Don’t Get Mobile, that looks at top customer experience brands and how their mobile apps compare to the rest of the app marketplace.

Little known fact: Only 6% of apps have 50 reviews or more!

Of the 2.3 million apps available on iOS and Android only approximately 131,000 have more than 50 reviews and are able to have a love score computed for them. The app ecosystem is often referred to as incredibly crowded, but only 6% of apps have 50 reviews or more.  The fact that only 6% of apps have enough data to compute a Love Score in a crowded app ecosystem suggests two hypotheses:

1.     Even in the crowded app stores, a quality app loved by even a small group of customers can quickly rise pass more than  90% of the apps in the market.

2.     The size of the app stores are daunting and building a large and vocal customer base to set your app apart is incredibly difficult, less than 1 in 10 are able to do it.

Apple App Store and Google Play by Category

We broke down the app stores by category to see which categories had on average the most loved apps. The category with the highest overall Love Score for both Android and iOS is Books. Take a look for yourself to see how the categories in both major app stores stack up and which ones are in need of help. 

Knowing what people think about your app is incredibly important. The number of downloads alone can never tell the whole story. Even important metrics such as customer engagement need to be measured in more than time spent or actions. The customer experience needs to be measured in enthusiasm and love. When customers love your app they tell their friends, use it more often, and are more likely to spend money inside the app.

We strongly believe that the Love Score is an important metric for every company with a mobile application to begin understanding how their customers feel and serve as a tool to help the entire app industry improve customer experience for mobile to a whole new level.

How much do your customers love your app? Get your Love Score and find out now.

Ezra Siegel Updated: March 25th, 2014