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A better way to communicate with customers.

The tools you need to listen to, engage with, and retain your mobile customers in-app.

An amazing tool that revolutionized how we interacted with and supported our mobile customers.

Apptentive Customer: Real Networks

Drive 5-star reviews

Do your customers love your app?

Learn how customers feel about your app. Customers who love your app will become evangelists. If they aren't satisfied, start a conversation and learn why. Convert your biggest critics into loyal fans.

Intelligent Ratings Prompts

Two-Way conversations

Harness the power of in-app communication

Have two-way conversations between you and your customers, inside your app. Gather feedback, solve problems, and develop meaningful relationships with your customers. Turn your app into your communications channel.

Message Center

Find out why your customers feel the way they do

Use surveys to get the answers you need

Apptentive's surveys are simple, easy to implement and can be changed without updating your app. Collect quantitative data and qualitative information with a tap.

Understand how to communicate

Figure out the how, when, and why

The Apptentive dashboard provides key insights to who your customers are, what they care about, and how to talk with them. Utilize the data to communicate more personally and more effectively.

Dashboard Insights

Be native with Apptentive

Supported Platforms: iOS, Android, Cordova

Apptentive is simple and easy to integrate into the major mobile platforms. Support your customers online and offline with Apptentive's native SDK.

Available Platforms

Apptentive plays well with others

Integrations: SalesForce Desk, ZenDesk, UserVoice

Why change your team's workflow? Seamlessly connect with your existing CRM services, receive and reply to all your messages in one place.

CRM Integrations

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