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Successful customer experience starts with your employees

Apptentive enables organizations to connect and engage with their employees to improve productivity and foster better teamwork.

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Studies show the positive link between great employee experience and successful customer experience. Maintaining positive employee experience in the workplace means enabling autonomy, accountability, collaboration, and transparency. Apptentive provides the solution to support these tenets by capturing real-time sentiment, measuring opportunities for improvement with targeted surveys, and enabling in-app internal communications in native mobile and web applications.

Streamline organizational workflows and internal operations

Utilizing mobile apps for employees maximizes personal performance and quickly solves problems. Qualitative data from surveys can also assist with ongoing application roadmaps, helping to validate new capabilities and driving feature prioritization. 

Create and nurture an employee-centric culture

To really create a cultural shift within your organization, you need to understand the needs, frustrations, and desires of your employees. Regularly collecting and analyzing feedback on an individual level will help you gather a more holistic picture of your employee base.

Retain and engage top talent

Increase employee engagement through proactive communication and creating a powerful communication loop. Measure real-time shifts in employee sentiment, solicit feedback, and help make everyone feel valued.


Measure shifts in customer sentiment across time and touchpoints so you can identify when and where to intervene

Sentiment Analysis

By collecting sentiment data, you’re able to quickly identify unhappy employees before they leave and foster relationships with the most loyal.

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Make sense of raw text from Surveys and Message Center, and better understand how your employees feel in real time.

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Precisely retarget customers to reach them at the right time and place

Notes + Actions

Quickly communicate a message or prompt employees to take a specific action.

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Engage at the right times and place throughout a digital experience to capture more qualitative information


Engage at the right times and places throughout a digital experience to capture more qualitative information.

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Quickly resolve issues and close the communication loop

Message Center

Provide employees with a private channel to report specific problems, ask questions of management, or interact with support personnel.

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Sentiment Anaylsis

Learn about Sentiment Analysis

Keep a constant pulse on overall satisfaction and accurately identify where your employee experience is broken.

Learn About Message Center

Learn about Message Center

Give customers the ability to easily contact you and leave feedback through Apptentive’s two-way messaging capability.

Sentiment should be at the heart of your business decisions.

Apptentive powers millions of consumer interactions on billions of mobile devices for the world’s best brands. The best brands are those who listen to customers and act on feedback.

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