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Boost customer acquisition

Activate fans on mobile channels to gain new customers and drive customer loyalty.

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Third-party validation and peer recommendations matter more to people than a brand name alone when making a purchase decision. ASO and app downloads are directly impacted by the quality and frequency of your customers’ ratings and reviews. Apptentive helps you amplify the voice of your most loyal fans, resolve negative experiences quickly, and control your brand’s public narrative.

Increase the volume of positive ratings and feedback

Apptentive leverages proactive customer engagement and precise in-app event targeting to dramatically increase the volume of positive ratings and feedback. With Apptentive, the world’s largest global brands have seen significant improvements in app store ratings and reviews—often overnight. While most companies hear from less than five percent of their consumers over the course of a year, Apptentive’s solution consistently drives over 90 percent response rates for the world’s largest brands.

Respond to at-risk customers by retargeting in-app or across external marketing channels by segments based on customer sentiment

Get in front of negative feedback

Apptentive’s analytics provide insights into customer sentiment to help you intercept negative feedback to quickly mitigate problems which might reduce brand value. Our data insights reveal important customer trends to help you make the right product and experience decisions and increase brand loyalty and positive ratings and reviews.

Perfect the mobile experience

As the leading expert in mobile customer feedback, Apptentive helps keep your apps up to date as Apple and Android ratings and review policies (and APIs) change. Our professional Customer Success team provides global brands with personalized mobile and web expertise, with the product support needed for fast time-to-value and an improved mobile customer journey.


Take the guesswork out of your product roadmap.

Product Teams

Increase app downloads and five-star ratings when the right people leave reviews. Quickly identify pain points or broken features when complaints are brought internally, and follow-up directly with customers who have issues rather than watching them rant in the app store.

Marketing Teams Understand how customer emotions

Marketing Teams

Find and amplify the voice of your best customers. Attract new customers by activating fans to do your marketing for you by driving them to leave positive reviews in the app store. Manage your brand image with confidence and increase new customer acquisition by having a pulse on changing customer sentiment.

CX Teams Go beyond NPS to identify the cause of customer sentiment shifts

CX Teams

Go beyond NPS to identify the cause of customer sentiment shifts and motivate the fans of your brand to sing your praises. Benchmark external metrics like ratings and reviews against internal measurements such as NPS and CSAT to gain a holistic understanding of the customer experience.


Ratings + Reviews

When potential customers see a high app rating, they’ll be more inclined to download your app.

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Quickly resolve issues and close the communication loop

Message Center

Follow-up with unhappy customers directly in the app so they don’t have to take to more public channels to resolve issues.

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Precisely retarget customers to reach them at the right time and place

Notes + Actions

Bolster your online reputation and drive more app downloads by sending Notes to fans encouraging them to leave positive ratings and reviews.

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Measure shifts in customer sentiment across time and touchpoints so you can identify when and where to intervene

Sentiment Analysis

Understanding customer emotion allows you to quickly take action to win back unhappy customers before they take to the app store to complain and discourage new downloads.

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Ratings + Reviews

Ratings + Reviews

Increase five-star ratings and gather more positive reviews from happy customers while redirecting negative feedback away from the app store.

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Sentiment should be at the heart of your business decisions.

Apptentive powers millions of consumer interactions on billions of mobile devices for the world’s best brands. The best brands are those who listen to customers and act on feedback.

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