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Right Time, Right Place, Right Person

Learn how to find the right place, right time, and right person for your in-app communications, and how to treat your mobile experience with the personal touch customers deserve.

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What Data Looks Like in the Mobile Ecosystem

When it comes to mobile, what metrics matter most? We discuss the metrics that really matter in mobile, and share tips on how you can increase the amount of actionable data you’re capturing.

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Growth Hacking your Mobile User Acquisition

Stop wasting money and start driving loyalty. Robi Ganguly shares his tips for smart mobile user acquisition in a webinar recorded exclusively for the Apptentive community.

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Mobile Moments: CRM Is Bullshit

What happened to the “relationship” in CRM? Robi Ganguly explains the limitations of today’s CRM tools and the implications they can have on our actual customer relationships.

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Mobile Moments: The Engagement Bell Curve

Robi Ganguly digs into Apptetive’s concept of the “engagement bell curve” to help companies understand customer sentiment and how to approach their customers as people, not users.

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Mobile Moments: Mobile as a Mindreader

Robi Ganguly takes on the concept of mobile as a mindreader, and shares first-hand examples of how brands have leveraged mobile to anticipate and respond to customer needs.

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