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The 7-Step Customer Centricity Checklist

Through a customer-centric approach, companies can prioritize their product roadmap based on direct customer feedback and sentiment.

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Increase Your Mobile Net Promoter Score

Drive more NPS responses, improve your score, and collect better customer feedback by leveraging “NPS+” formulated specifically for mobile audiences.

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How To Create a Mobile Customer Journey Map

Differences between the traditional customer funnel and a journey map, plus 4 steps to help you map your own mobile customers’ journey.

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The Mobile Feedback Checklist

Learn our six step approach to mobile customer feedback success, and use the checklist to learn where your company’s strategy falls.

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Popular SDKs for Mobile Product Managers

Mobile product managers rely on SDKs to help make their work quicker and more efficient. Check out the most popular responses from our surveyed group of PMs.

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How iOS 11 Moves Mobile App Ratings and Reviews

In this guide we go into detail around what’s actually changing in iOS 11, and how changes will impact app publishers, as well as consumers.

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