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The CMO Mobile Cheat Sheet

Stats on the mobile industry‚Äôs past, present, and future so you can see where your team’s strategy falls, along with actionable tips for measuring the ROI of mobile.

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Build vs. Buy: Evaluating Third-Party Mobile SDKs

Should you buy the software or build it internally? This guide helps you evaluate third-party mobile SDKs to make the best decision for your business.

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7 Steps to Mobile Survey Success

Lay the groundwork for competitive advantage by understanding your customers through customer-centric, mobile-optimized surveys.

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Feedback and Loyalty on the Mobile Frontier

SurveyMonkey and Apptentive joined forces to understand consumer expectations, the impact customer feedback has on loyalty, and the role mobile plays.

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Retail & Mobile Apps: What Works and Why

This guide contains new data on how consumers use apps, advice on how to create a seamless CX, and success stories of brands leading the mobile movement.

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The Guidebook to Mobile Product Management Success

Improve your mobile product management skills through 40+ pages of tips and metrics to help you level up.

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