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Ratings + Reviews

Earn more ratings and reviews from the right audience with our precision targeting.

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Customer prompt “Do you love our company” “Enjoying this App?” “Rate in on the App Store” on mobile device

Prompt the right people at the right place and time

Ratings Prompts are an intelligent app ratings flow that only prompts pre-qualified customers to rate your app. By selecting the appropriate people to prompt, we ensure that happy customers rate your app publicly, while unhappy customers give you direct, actionable feedback. This results in more five-star ratings and reviews after each app update, and helps gauge customer sentiment/emotion.

Ratings Prompt Flow

It is important to understand how your customers feel about your app prior to asking for a review. Our Ratings Prompts help gauge customer sentiment for your app by asking a simple question: “Do you love our company?”

If customers don’t express satisfaction for your app using our Love Dialog™,
you have an opportunity to gain valuable feedback on how to turn the experience
into something they DO love.

Ratings Prompts help you:

  • Boost five-star ratings
    Boost five-star ratings
  • Intercept negative feedback
    Intercept negative feedback
  • Drive organic downloads
    Drive organic downloads
  • Gauge customer sentiment
    Gauge customer sentiment
  • Activate your silent majority
    Activate your silent majority

How It Works

Understand customer sentiment before prompting

Connect with people who are having a great experience within your app, and encourage them to share it in the app stores. Ask those who don’t love your app to leave feedback or fill out a short survey or connect with your team directly.

Minimize disruption
Customize your message
Respond to negative feedback
No app updates required
Understand customer sentiment before prompting, minimize disruptions, respond to negative feedback, no app updates required
“love” results in the highest number of five-star ratings and quality feedback
Message Center so you can respond to feedback one-on-one, and links to Surveys

Apptentive has been a game changer, both in terms of review counts, as well as our overall rating, and has become a key piece of our ASO strategy.”

Ron Schneidermann, CMO

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