Apptentive has established a new standard for your customer voice and feedback initiatives, revealing new fans, at-risk consumers, and shifts in emotion from customer experience over time. With Apptentive’s unique data from ongoing brand interactions, both online and onsite, you’ll respond faster to revenue opportunities and build loyalty, while enhancing your own first-party data.

Fan Signals is the best measure of customer love—and shifting emotions—for product managers and executives of the world’s best brands.

Product Managers

  • Accelerate CX enhancements and product quality based on shifting consumer emotions.
  • Be the superstar in your organization by delivering unique customer intelligence and boosting customer lifetime value.
  • Validate product roadmap priorities based on customer emotion and feedback, knowing how product issues may be creating loyalty problems.

Marketers and CMOs

  • Retarget the lost and reinforce the loved, revealing why and when emotions shifted.
  • Enhance personalization using emotion data, and isolate specific groups to increase marketing campaign efficiency.
  • Gain a better understanding of how emotions of specific customer segments impact loyalty programs.

CX Executives

  • Go beyond NPS to activate new and shifted fans, and recapture those at risk.
  • Motivate the advocates and supporters of your brand by leveraging customer love.
  • Integrate departmental silos of consumer intelligence and feedback, connecting Fan Signals to other internal customer data systems in your organization.

Enrich Your Customer Data

Apptentive enriches your first-party customer data with emotion data over time using Fan Signals. Fan Signals augments the value of your Customer Data Platform (CDP) by enriching profiles as customers add their voice to interactions, provide feedback, and indicate emotion in both online and onsite touchpoints.

This enriched profile data supports analytics on people (e.g. a segment or cohort), products (e.g. categories), or places (e.g. a specific location or kiosk).

Contextualize Shifts in Sentiment

Quickly act on the emotions and voices of the “silent majority.” NPS or traditional survey responses typically come from less than 1% of your customer base—either those who have had a bad experience or your most loyal and happy customers. The remaining 99% or the “silent majority” often go unheard.

Apptentive’s unique approach to precise targeting and proactive listening reveals more customer voices and emotions for the world’s biggest brands. Get better context around NPS changes from emotion data, helping you improve competitive differentiation in the experience economy.

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