The world has changed and so have your customers’ needs.

Stay ahead of shifting emotions with Apptentive.

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Apptentive customers see 90-day retention levels that are 70% higher than the average mobile app.

Reduce call center volume

Lighten your support team’s load by helping consumers find the answers they need, without disrupting their mobile experience. Engage proactively to help customers clarify their questions without delay.

Evaluate customer readiness and comfort for onsite experiences

Use customers as the north star in crafting your “new normal.” Deeply understand customer concerns and anticipations to help welcome them back in a comfortable way—based on their own words rather than implied through analytics.

Measure customer emotion and listen to what they need

Use your mobile app as a listening tool. Gather feedback in real time, across multiple touchpoints, to inspire new ideas for and adjustments to your current offerings.

Use mobile to announce changes, discounts, and more

Share changes to your business, swiftly address technical issues, provide additional context to error messages, offer mobile-only deals and coupons, and more—no customer response necessary.

Transfer your onsite loyalty programs to digital experiences

Make it easy for customers to easily redeem rewards in your app. Ensure mobile access to promised points, credits, or items in your rewards program to boost continued happiness and loyalty.

COVID-19 Resources

Use Mobile to Prevent Churn

From being at home and undergoing stress, consumer engagement has rapidly changed. But you can get ahead of it.

Learn from Industry Leaders

Are you helping or creating noise? How to listen to your customers during COVID-19.


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