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We tailor each demo to your specific business needs. See it for yourself and contact us today!

Thanks for reaching out! While you wait for confirmation from an Apptentive team member, you may find these free resources to be of interest:


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7 Steps to Product Roadmap Success

Learn how to fight feature creep, deliver the right value, and translate vision into action. Let us help you revitalize your product roadmap today, and help make 2021 your year.

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New Improvements to Apptentive’s Mobile Communication Suite

Robi Ganguly  //  August 3, 2017  //  6 min read

At Apptentive, we’re obsessed with helping you deliver #CustomerLove at scale and create a sustainable advantage. That’s why we’re happy to announce new improvements and additions to our suite of mobile communication tools.

In my keynote from the Customer Love Summit, which is below, I laid out our vision for a future where every company understands how their customers feel and announced several additions to the Apptentive suite, which we’re sharing here as well.

Ratings Dialogs

We know our customers love the ability to find and activate their fans, and turn them into evangelists. In pursuit of that goal, we’re always seeking to create better experiences. When Apple announced they created an in-app ratings prompt, we released full support for their method.

The key part of this, however, is the data and reporting we’ve built. With their new method, Apple has imposed a few limitations: it can only be shown three times per year to a consumer, and consumers have the ability to opt-out of these prompts. This is why in addition to reporting how many times it’s been viewed, we also instrumented our SDK to ensure we’re tracking when the SKStoreReviewController API was called but not shown to customers.

It’s important to note that with iOS 11, using the SKStoreReviewController API is going to become a requirement from Apple. Apps built on iOS 11 or higher will not be permitted to use third-party app ratings prompts. It’s integral that your teams integrate our latest SDK (you can find it here) to ensure you’re prepared for iOS 11, which should come out in September.

Ratings Dialog

(Do you have questions about the changes iOS 11 will bring? Do you want to learn more about how to prepare for iOS 11? Join our webinar, iOS 11: Key Things to Know + How to Prepare Your App.)

Key Message Center Improvements

Two years ago we rolled out Message Center, which enables you to have two-way, personal conversations with your customers directly in-app. It’s been a hit with our customers and consumers; over the last two years we’ve powered millions of conversations through Message Center.

The popularity of Message Center has driven us to make three key improvements.

First, some of our customers haven’t been able to take advantage of Message Center because it wasn’t built for multi-person environments. Security was a concern because conversations were still visible in the app even when people logged out. This was a particular issue for those of you who have apps where numerous family members login on the same device. (Financial service and healthcare companies, this is particularly relevant for you!)

I’m happy to say that this issue has been fixed. Our latest SDK now supports Customer Login, using the latest security and encryption technology, which means companies in all industries are now able to use Message Center to deliver an amazing in-app customer experience.

Message Center

Previously, when Mike logged in on Robi’s device, he saw Robi’s conversations. Now he sees his owns, despite sharing the device. Win!

Second, many of our customers have connected Message Center to their customer service teams via our integrations with Zendesk,, Oracle RightNow, and Uservoice. We’re excited to announce that we now have an integration with the most popular Enterprise Helpdesk—Salesforce Service Cloud. This makes it easy for every one of your customer service agents to chat with your mobile customers directly in-app.

If you’re a Service Cloud customers, reach out to your Apptentive Customer Success Manager and they’ll happily walk you through the details.

Third, many of our customers have expressed nervousness about the potential flood of consumers who want to have two-way conversations with them. While we’ve enabled you to set expectations for your customers, the worry about volume led us to create Quick Response. We discovered that as many as 75% of your conversations have similar questions. Quick Response makes your team more effective by enabling them to save standard responses to the most common customer inquiries.

But if two clicks is better than 200 keystrokes, then one click is even better. That’s why we’re rolling out Suggested Response.

Suggested Response

Suggested Response

Suggested Response learns from your team’s usage of Quick Response and then suggests the correct response based upon the text of the customer inquiry. Since releasing our latest model for this one month ago, Suggested Responses have been used twice as often as Quick Response—shaving off time from rote work, which, let’s face it, none of us enjoy.

Announcing Insights

Speaking of rote work, I want to talk about another area where we know people are doing a ton of repetitive work that is important and necessary. A lot of our customers go through their App Store reviews to categorize the feedback on a weekly or monthly basis. Those of you who use Message Center also do this with messages.

We’ve been experimenting with many of our customers for almost a year on how to surface the most relevant information and trends to identify what their consumers care about. Now, we’re excited to announce that we’re surfacing phrases in our brand new Insights product.

Insights automatically does the work of categorization, giving your team time back to focus on their core work so they can delve into the nuance and devise insights.


Insights covers both App Store Reviews and your messages from Message Center. (Those in-depth and 1:1 conversations in Message Center can be goldmines for identifying trends, and now it easy to discover them.) Surveys are not yet included, but rest assured, that’s on our radar..

Insights is now live as a beta for all of our Enterprise customers. We think you’re going to love it—we’re looking forward to your feedback!

New Survey Capabilities

Since we rolled out NPS questions last year, we’re seeing response rates to NPS questions above 20%, which is markedly higher than most other forms of collecting NPS. In conjunction with that, many of our customers have asked us for ways to make the survey experience better and to broaden use cases.

Today we’re announcing two updates:

First, we’ve expanded our question types to include generic range questions. Building off of the success of NPS questions, you can now ask a ranged question easily and beautifully in mobile. This is useful for gauging customers’ temperatures on the severity of an issue or helping you understand their perspective on how important a new feature might be to them.

New survey capabilities

Second, we’ve built survey previews, making it easier for you and your teams to see what your surveys will look like to the end consumer. This will allow you to design with more empathy and speed up the testing process.

New survey capabilities

Announcing Our Beta WebSDK

We’ve been supporting your mobile customer experience in-app for six years, and are incredibly humbled by your support and investment in this approach. As we’ve built out our platform, though, many of you have asked “What about the web?”

Today, Apptentive becomes more than just an app-focused company, we become a mobile customer focused company. You asked and we listened.

With a handful of our customers, we said “Where should we start to help you deliver a great experience on the web?” The resounding answer was “Surveys.”

We’re excited to bring beautiful, targeted, mobile surveys to the web via our WebSDK. This ensures that you can now use Apptentive to understand all of your mobile customers, not just the ones in the app.

Mobile web surveys

The WebSDK is simple, yet powerful, and most importantly, provides a great customer experience. We can confidently say it’s a great CX because customers are seeing 20-30% response rates.

The web surveys are responsive, look and work great on your desktop website as well as your mobile website, and use the same targeting and event systems that you’re used to. Next, we’re building web support for the Love Dialog to fold it into the entire Apptentive Suite.

The WebSDK is still in beta, so please send us all of your feedback and ideas for how to improve upon it.

Wrapping Up

Apptentive’s product suite and our Customer Success Team are obsessed with helping you and your teams develop strategies to earn #CustomerLove at scale. That’s why we solved privacy issues with Message Center; built time-savers like Suggested Response, Insights, and integrated with Salesforce Service Cloud; expanded on survey question types; and decided to expand beyond mobile apps to the web as a whole.

With your voices and your involvement in our product roadmap, we will continue to deliver Customer Love and help you find the magic that happens when the experience you deliver meshes with your customers’ needs and the needs of your company. On behalf of all of Team Apptentive, thank you for loving your customers.

About Robi Ganguly

Robi Ganguly is the Co-founder and CEO at Apptentive. He is passionate about giving customers a voice via mobile. Follow Robi on Twitter @rganguly.
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