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Thanks for reaching out! While you wait for confirmation from an Apptentive team member, you may find these free resources to be of interest:


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7 Steps to Product Roadmap Success

Learn how to fight feature creep, deliver the right value, and translate vision into action. Let us help you revitalize your product roadmap today, and help make 2021 your year.

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Mobile Marketing

How to Market Your Mobile App with Video

Guest Blogger  //  April 18, 2013  //  8 min read

If you’ve been doing things right, you’ve been listening to your customers from day one.

You listened to them when you were building your app, and you’re listening to them now so you can keep on improving your application and keep them happy.

Pretty much everyone trying your app really likes it and you have great ratings, but is it still difficult to get your app into new hands?

Well, unfortunately there is no secret recipe. And it’s not going to get easy. But by using video the right way, you’re adding one important piece to the puzzle of your app marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at how video can help you promote your app, how you can get started and what you can do with it.

5 reasons to use video to market your app

Video is a powerful way to get your message across about your app.

1. It’s the best thing next to trying your app

So here’s the thing: there are tons of apps.

We hear about new apps everyday, and we don’t always have the time to try them.

With video, you can show what your app is about and what’s unique about it in a very short time. You can, in less than a minute, get potential customers excited about your application.

See, on your app page, potential customers can take a look at your beautifully designed screenshots and carefully crafted app description. That gives them an idea of what your app does. But when you get to show them your app in video, in its best light, you can communicate much more.

“A video provides the quickest way to initially assess your app, letting [bloggers] know if it’s worth downloading and testing further”Erica Sadun, TUAW

The Cut the Rope 2 app video trailer is a great example.

2. You get more qualified downloads

Not only can you get more people to download your app, these people are also more qualified.

They saw your app in action before downloading it, so they know what they’re getting into. They understand its concept and have a basic understanding of how it works even before tapping a single button.

They know why they downloaded your app AND they can learn to use it faster.

“A good demo video can go a long way to make it easier for people to understand your app”Oliver Lo, App Annie How-To Guide For Android Developers

3. It’s good for branding

Ok, you might not be a big corporation.

But it doesn’t mean people should not remember your app, or your brand. Especially if you’re on your way to creating several quality apps! With a well done video, you can have app customers remember both.

They might not download your app right away, but you’re strongly improving the chances that when they hear about it again they’ll remember you.

4. It’s good for SEO

YouTube is now the second search engine.

And there are plenty of people reviewing apps or posting app trailers in there. Take control of what people find when they look for keywords corresponding to your app, and increase your visibility.

Having a good amount of views (and engagement – people watching your entire video) also helps you get your video up Google’s rankings.

5. It’s a good way to communicate with your existing customers

Using video is a great way to convert more visitors into customers.

It can also be used to communicate with your existing customers. Even if your app has been live for a while, a video showing what’s new in your next major update is an awesome way to get them excited about it (and hopefully share it).

If you have several apps targeting the same audience, video can let you efficiently promote your apps to your existing customers.

5 Tips to create a good video for your app

Whether you hire someone to make your app video or do it yourself, it’s good to keep in mind the tips below.

1. Consider your audience and purpose

There are all kinds of videos on the web. Funny videos meant to go viral, tutorials, interviews, documentaries, etc.

There is more than one way to use video to promote your app. And it can be a combination of the above, or even several videos. In all cases, it is critical that you consider your audience, as well as the purpose of your video.

When creating your video, you need to ask yourself these 2 questions:

*Who is going to be watching it?

*What are you trying to achieve?

A pretty safe bet is to go with a short video (30 seconds to 1 minute) that will highlight the benefits of your app, and show why it’s different from your competition (it is, right?). This type of video is great to use on your app website, when reaching out to bloggers or to present your app in general.

It’s like your elevator pitch, only it’s in video. And so it’s effective, you want to keep in mind who you’re talking to and why.

2. Write a script

Writing a script before creating your video is critical.

Keeping the 2 questions of the previous point in mind, you need to define what you’re going to show and how.

You have to plan it. You need to include the right elements (see #5), and you need to make sure you convey the right message about your app.

This saves you time, and if you’re working on a team everybody will be on the same page before you really get started.

Bart Simpson: I will write a video script

3. Make it short

Your app is probably really interesting.

The best of its kind.

But people are highly sollicited online. They can be distracted by other apps people mention, or by the email their cousin just sent.

You want to make a video that is short and to the point. If you try to show all your app features (or the settings…) you’ll never be able to have an engaging and dynamic video.

4. Keep it simple

If you haven’t done any video before, or if you don’t consider yourself as skilled in this area then try to keep things simple.

Don’t go crazy with text flying all over or special effects.

Take a few ideas you feel confident you can reproduce from videos you like and keep the structure of your scenario easy to understand (intro -> features/benefits -> outro is a good start).

5. Include the essentials

You’re making a video for a specific purpose.

No matter who your audience is, you want people watching your video to remember your app, what it’s for and probably follow other call to action.

Use your intro for branding (app icon, company logo, app name, tagline, etc.) and include a call to action at the end (“download today”, “join us now”, “update now”, etc.) and in the description of your video (see below).

Watch the game trailer for Find a Way, Jose! for a good look at including the essentials.

5 ways to use video for your app promotion

What good is your awesome promo video if you don’t use it to market your app? Here are a few ways you can make good use of it.

1. Video Platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion)

Start by uploading your video on a video platform like YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion.

In fact, you can even upload it to several of them. Can’t hurt.

Make sure you choose a video title that includes your main keywords and that you also use these keywords in the video description.

If you have a voice over or text in your video, include that somewhere in the description. The description’s text is searchable on video platforms like YouTube.

2. Your App Website and Social Media

Place your video on your app website or your app landing page. If you don’t have one, fix that (and think Inbound Marketing)!

Either have a thumbnail with a play button or the video directly on the page (over the fold is better). Pick the thumbnail/preview of your video wisely: it can really change the number of people watching your video.

The better your video and the more people watch it, the more chances you have to convert your website visitors into actual app customers.

You can also of course share your video with your community on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. If your followers/fans like your app, they are more likely to share your video than a regular status update.

3. Reaching out to bloggers, journalists and influencers

As mentioned above, video is one of the quickest and easiest ways to initially assess an app and decide if it’s worth trying or not.

Guess who doesn’t have much time and plenty of apps to try? Bloggers and journalists (and other busy people).

When reaching out to them, your pitch and your video are your best assets. They might not have time to read your press release, but if your pitch is good then they most likely have 30 seconds to watch your video and decide if they want to know more.

“Creating a video takes a little more effort, but it can be of tremendous value when you begin pitching your app”Ken Yarmosh, App Savvy

4. Cross-Promotion

Do you have several apps targeting the same audience? Then you have a great opportunity for cross promotion.

You can place in one app an ad launching a video of another of your apps or have interstitials video ads (in which case your video needs to be VERY short – about 15 seconds). Or you can just have a link in the “More” section of your app.

5. Awards, pitches and contests

If you’re serious about your app, then you should submit it to any award, pitch or contests you can apply to.

Some of them require a demo or promo video. No need to say that if your video is good and engaging, you have more chances to win.

For some of them, you’ll have to demo your app in front of a jury. Live demos can go well, but they can also be terrible (trust me, I’ve seen a lot of them). A neat video, to the point, can convey your message more efficiently.

Video is a powerful way to show what is unique about your app and why people need it.

If you don’t have the budget to get a professional promo video for your app, then the tips we gave you should help you improve your app marketing with an efficient video.

The sooner your video is ready, the sooner you can use it to promote your app. Make the most out of it!

Apptentive Guide to Mobile Customer Retention

About the author: Sylvain Gauchet is the co-founder of Apptamin. He’s been marketing and promoting mobile apps for several years and passionate about start-ups and app marketing. Apptamin provides app developers with great-looking promo videos, helping them show what their app is all about in seconds. The company also helps developers to make their apps stand out from the crowd by writing thorough and useful posts on how to promote mobile applications, and recently published its iOS App Marketing Guide.

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