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Thanks for reaching out! While you wait for confirmation from an Apptentive team member, you may find these free resources to be of interest:


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7 Steps to Product Roadmap Success

Learn how to fight feature creep, deliver the right value, and translate vision into action. Let us help you revitalize your product roadmap today, and help make 2021 your year.

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Mobile Marketing

9 Top App Store Optimization Tools

Madeleine Doyle  //  October 28, 2022  //  9 min read

Both downloads and engagement are equally in-focus for winning mobile apps. We talk a lot about how listening to and acting on customer emotion is key to retention and improving long-term ROI. Today, we shift the focus toward making your app more visible to encourage downloads at the very top of the funnel with a three-pack of app store optimization tools we love.

App store optimization, or ASO, plays a critical role in app discovery and customer acquisition. ASO requires an ongoing, data-backed investment from all app publishers. To help, there is a marketplace of app store optimization tools to choose from depending on your needs.

This post explores our top nine app store optimization tools to invest in as you plan your budget for 2023. Used individually, each tool is sure to improve your ASO game. Used together, your app store visibility will be unstoppable! These tools all require resource investment in order to make your ASO shine, but are worth the effort.


App store optimization tools: logo


App Annie delivers the most trusted app data and insights for your business to succeed in the global app economy. Over 500,000 registered members rely on App Annie to better understand the app market, their businesses and the opportunities around them. interface on


Key products

  • Market Data Intelligence: A premium product giving you detailed insights into your app’s users behavior and demographics, along with information relating to user retention, download estimates, and competitors activity.
  • App Analytics: A free product allowing you to track app performance relating to usage, downloads, revenue, and spend across countries and app stores. Sister product to Advertising Analytics, which gives you a unified view of data relating to any app advertising campaigns you manage.
  • Store Stats: A free product for basic ASO, giving you access to market data metrics such as historical rankings, ratings, reviews, and keywords for any app across different categories and countries.

2. Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower logo

Sensor Tower is a leading solution for mobile marketers, app developers, and industry analysts who demand competitive insights on the mobile market economy and are looking to increase app downloads through app store optimization.

Sensor Tower dashboard

Key products

  • App Intelligence: Like Sensor Tower’s other products, App Intelligence is actually several tools bundled together. The focus is ASO, with tools that enable you to view and analyze reviews, the impact of being a “featured” app, daily sales and app analytics, category and keyword ranking, detailed competitive analysis, and localization analysis.
  • Store Intelligence: This product offers insights into app downloads and revenues, with estimates for both viewable across multiple categories, devices, and countries, along with access to competitor research to assist with user acquisition.
  • Ad Intelligence: Useful when you need to uncover insights into user acquisition campaigns being run by other publishers and developers. You don’t only get to see whether a boost in ad spend led to a boost in downloads, but also the creatives used in campaigns, along with who the top advertisers and publishers were each week.
  • Top Charts and Leaders: Sensor Tower’s ‘basic’ product is free to use, and offers insights into the top performing apps across various categories, devices, and countries. This product also shows which apps have received the most ratings, and which have been updated recently.

3. Store Maven

App Store Optimization Tools: Store Maven logo


At StoreMaven, the goal is to make App Store Testing accurate, quick, and more affordable. Since testing multiple store pages involves sending dedicated traffic to your tests, it’s crucial to minimize the sample required as much as possible, without harming the accuracy of the results.

Store Maven dashboard

Key products

Split testing (A/B testing) of your app page to see how different design and placement of your creatives impact on downloads of your app. With Store Maven, you are able to test:

  • Icon
  • Title
  • Rating and Votes
  • Screenshots
  • Video
  • Poster Frame (iOS)
  • Feature Graphic (Google Play)
  • Description
  • Uber Page (iOS)

Additionally, Store Maven gives you access to a dedicated design studio, making it easier for you to design different app store pages.

4. App Figures

App Figures logo

App Figures is the mobile app tracking platform of choice for top app developers. From indie devs and small studios to mega publishers and the enterprise, appFigures connects to everything that matters for your apps automatically, and turns your app data into powerful, easy to understand reports for your entire app portfolio.

App Figures dashboard

Key products

A comprehensive reporting system that integrates with all the major app stores, ad networks, and in-app analytics providers. App Figures provides reports on:

  • Sales and Downloads: Track sales, downloads, and in-app purchases
  • Reviews: Get Slack or email alerts whenever someone reviews your app
  • Ranks: Hourly updated ranks so you know how your app is performing, and how your competitors are performing
  • Usage: Monitor sessions, active users, crashes, and other usage data
  • Ad Monetization: Track ad performance and revenue across different networks, apps, and countries
  • Top Apps: Know what the top apps are in any category, and any country

Their reports can be customized, integrated with other dashboards, and exported in multiple formats for further analysis.

5. Mobile Action

Mobile Action logo

Mobile Action is a mobile data intelligence and actionable insights tool that provides usable reports and data you need for any app in the marketplace.

Mobile Action dashboard

Key products

  • ASO Intelligence: Includes four complementary tools: Keyword Tracking, Suggestions, Keyword Intelligence, and Competitor Tracking. Keep track of all your keywords and how your app ranks for each, along with seeing which keywords your ‘share’ with your competitors. Research new keywords, and get a list of related keywords, including long-tail keywords.
  • App Analytics: Access to regularly updated category ranking across multiple devices and countries. App Analytics also makes it possible to analyze your reviews, from average rating and rating distribution, through to seeing the keyword density of reviews, along with comprehensive download and revenue history for your apps, and those of your competitors.
  • Market Intelligence: The tool focuses on download and revenue estimates, using Mobile Action’s own algorithm to help you determine how many users you need to acquire to bypass your competitors.

6. App Tweak

App Tweak logo

AppTweak is a cost-effective alternative to paid advertising which is usually expensive and often fails to target the right users. Their strong expertise in App Store Optimization and powerful tools and algorithms guarantee successful results and a major increase in organic app users.

App Tweak dashboard

Key products

AppTweak offers a comprehensive app store optimization (ASO) tool, with the following included:

  • ASO Reports: The tool gives an overview of your current ASO performance. All critical metadata elements (app name, icon, description, screenshots, and app preview) are scanned, reviewed, and scored, and you receive actionable recommendations on how to improve. The ASO Report shows your app’s ranking history (versus your competitors, too) and allows you to do a competitive analysis of your competitors and other similar apps.
  • Keywords: Three different tools: keyword picking, analysis, and monitoring. Not only can you perform detailed keyword research using multiple sources, competitors, and suggestions, but you can also see how specific keywords have performed over time, and get important metrics such as keyword volume, etc.
  • Mobile App Analytics: Current and historical app performance (and versus your competitors), download and revenue estimates, and conversion rates are all available through AppTweak’s Mobile App Analytics.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Helpful insights into ratings and reviews for your app, and those of your competitors.

7. Apptopia

Apptopia logo

Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions. Apptopia helps make the app economy more transparent by providing actionable mobile app data and insights. Their goal is to make this data available to as many people as possible (not just the top 5%).

Apptopia dashboard

Key products

  • Download and Revenue Data: Get daily download data, allowing you to analyze your app’s performance in more than 50 countries, and full revenue breakdown by paid downloads, in-app purchases, and advertising revenue.
  • Daily and Monthly Active Users: Track daily and monthly active users of your app and those of your competitors. You get to analyze engagement and understand how often users open an app.

8. Gummicube

Gummicube logo

Gummicube is a leader in providing App Store Optimization and app store intelligence software and services to growth marketers and app developers. Gummicube provides a complete ASO solution including an ASO service, DATACUBE software, live focus groups, and app reviews.

Key products

  • App Store Optimization Service: Does what it says on the tin. This is the a full ASO service which allows users to focus on their app, whilst Gummicube ‘handles the ASO.’
  • DATACUBE Software: This tool provides app store intelligence software that gives actionable intelligence to maximize app visibility and downloads.
  • Live Focus Groups: Allows you to encourage thousands of users to provide immediate feedback for A/B multivariate testing of icons, screenshots, and more.
  • Gnome Escape: A community that features and reviews apps, helping developers create buzz around their app.


TUNE logo

TUNE brings the mobile marketing ecosystem closer together by building the most innovative solutions, teaching the industry, and connecting marketers with the best possible partners.

TUNE dashboard

Key products

  • Attribution Analytics: This tool measures the effectiveness of mobile ad spend. Impressions, ad clicks, app installs, and in-app events can be attributed to hundreds of integrated ad partners.
  • App Store Analytics: Allows you to boost app store performance and increase organic discoverability by tapping into analytics, along with giving recommendations on what to fix.
  • In-App Marketing: Useful for optimizing the user experience with tools for audience segmentation, A/B testing, and delivery of in-app messaging and push notifications.
  • Marketing Intelligence: Data visualization and reporting of valuable business intelligence for mobile marketers.


Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? For a comprehensive directory of over 30 ASO tools broken down by use case, we recommend this regularly-updated list from Business of Apps.

Hoping to learn more about ASO as a practice before investing in a tool? We have a guide for that! Check out The Digital Marketer’s Guide to App Store Optimization.

App Store Optimization Tools: ASO Guide Cover


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