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Improve Your Curbside Pickup Experience with In-app Mobile Surveys

Madeleine Wilson  //  July 23, 2020  //  4 min read

Before COVID-19, curbside pickup was an afterthought for many retailers and quick-service restaurants (QSRs). Now, coupled with online and mobile ordering, it’s become a huge priority for retail and QSR brands and will continue to be even after places start to open up again.

For customers, curbside is an appealing alternative to waiting in long drive-through or checkout lines. And for brands, many are seeing larger purchases come through curbside orders and more guests come through per location per day after launching curbside.

One of the biggest struggles enterprises face right now with launching curbside is the disconnect between what the company thinks each location needs and what they actually need. It’s difficult to understand what’s working and what’s not without actually being on the ground every day at the stores. And without real-time feedback from customers, there’s not a clear way to know what’s needed to improve the experience.

That’s where mobile in-app surveys come in handy. Below are some of the benefits of in-app surveys to gather customer feedback about curbside pickup. If you want to learn more about this, let’s chat – we can get you set up for success quickly.

Reach Customers in Real-Time

With in-app surveys, you can reach customers in real-time when the experience is still fresh. If they’re picking up an order, they’re likely on their phone for a few moments while they wait, so it’s the perfect time to take advantage of that captive audience.

Trigger Surveys Based on Specific Behavior or Events

You can trigger surveys based on in-app behavior such as check-in, order pickup, or the next time they log in to place another order. This will help you capture specific, targeted feedback around different customer journeys.

Get Location-Specific Feedback

While consistency is the goal for many franchises, we know that the customer experience can vary drastically from location to location – especially now with how quickly the world is changing around us. It is more important than ever to be able to identify gaps in the customer experience down to the individual store, DMA, or even manager level. When you’re surveying all of your customers after curbside pickup, you can segment and understand if an issue they’re experiencing is specific to that location or a larger, more global issue. For example, you might uncover that all locations in shopping centers struggle with parking or one specific location is experiencing technical difficulties. When you can quickly identify and analyze issues by passing through custom information like this, you will ultimately save valuable time and resources.

Identify Issues with Customer Education and Adoption

You can fill gaps in customer education and product adoption. Why aren’t more people using your curbside service? Are your marketing campaigns doing enough to educate your customer base about it – especially if it’s new? Is your in-store signage confusing? What messaging is working best? When you’re constantly getting feedback on these topics, you can quickly tweak and improve your outreach efforts.

Achieve Higher Response Rates

You can get higher response rates than traditional feedback channels like email. Our customers are seeing really high response rates for in-app surveys because they set events to trigger a survey at the most opportune time (i.e. when the item is picked up, if they open the app the next time, or maybe when they check in that they’ve arrived). This reduces friction in the customer journey because you’re removing steps they have to take to give you feedback such as replying to a long, irrelevant email survey. Asking questions at the right time and place to the right people will help you gather far more feedback.

Uncover Gaps in Employee Training and Resources

Unless you’re one of the few brands like Dunkin’ and Sonic that implemented curbside before COVID, your employees are likely learning some level of new technology. This “new normal” means new processes, new tech, and a whole new way of operating for many brands.

If you’re surveying customers about their experience, you can ask questions to understand how smoothly the pickup process went. If you identify issues at a specific location (such as a technical issue or some other glitch in the process), you can quickly identify if there’s additional training or resources that might help improve the experience.

→WATCH: Q&A with a senior product manager from Dunkin’ about their approach to curbside

Understand Which Customers Use Curbside and Why

With a Survey solution like Apptentive, you can pass through customer IDs to understand which customers are actually utilizing your curbside pickup offering. Is it only your loyalty program members? New customers? This insight will help you understand what needs to be changed and further improve the experience.

For example, if you find that new customers are giving positive feedback but your loyalty program customers are unhappy, perhaps there’s a disconnect between the experience your customers were used to before COVID and what’s happening now. Or perhaps there’s an educational piece missing and your existing customers aren’t understanding how to navigate the mobile order and curbside pickup process. Identifying where the gaps are happening will help you retain those loyal customers. At a time where customer acquisition is difficult, focusing on customer retention and preventing churn is critical.

We have a COVID-19 resource portal full of helpful articles like this if you’re interested in learning more about improving the customer experience during this time. We would also love to chat with you and answer any questions you might have, so please reach out to our team.

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