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A Fresh Face for Apptentive

Robi Ganguly  //  April 11, 2017  //  3 min read

Meet our new App Health Dashboard!

Over the past few months, we’ve tested and refined our beta App Health Dashboard. Today, we’re excited to rip the beta tag off and make it the primary destination for your teams to look at the health of your customer base. We think the new dashboard will highlight your most relevant data and make it easy to share insights about your mobile customers.

A few new features we’re proud of and would like to show off:

  • Completely refreshed, intuitive visuals
  • More granular Love Ratio and Star Ratings, giving you better insight into your fans (including support for Apple Rating Dialogs)
  • Customer engagement data across Surveys, Notes, Message Center, and Dialogs
  • Improved date filtering
  • The ability to download all of your dashboard content for internal sharing and analysis

Love Dialog

Want to see the changes for yourself? Log in to see more!

Below are the most important features in the new App Health Dashboard.

Greater granularity for the Love Ratio

The Love to Ratings Path is currently the most popular section of the dashboard. The Love Ratio and the percent of customers that are rating your app are important metrics for you to track. To help you get more granular in your data, we created the ability to see your daily Love Ratio instead of just aggregate figures.

Enjoyment Dialog chart

Version releases

We heard from customers that it’s important to see the impact new app version releases have on Ratings and Love Ratio.

Now you can see the impact on your Ratings and Love Ratio by the release of new versions of your app. With our new dashboard, you’re able to easily spot spikes in iOS reviews to identify potential bugs, UX challenges, etc. (For now, version release is only available for iOS apps).

Star ratings chart

Interaction counts

We want to help you keep track of all of your interactions with your customers. Our new dashboard lets you quantify how much you’re engaging customers across all interaction types.

Interactions chart

New and improved date filter

Aggregate data is helpful, but sometimes you want to see how you’re doing on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. We’ve made it easy to filter data for multiple standardized time ranges.

We’ve also made it easy to filter data for multiple standardized time ranges by providing shortcuts to select monthly, quarterly, and annual ranges.

Date range filter

Check out your new App Health Dashboard today!

Log into https://be.apptentive.com to see the new and improved App Health Dashboard.

We’ll make improvements to the dashboard over the next few months, and we want to hear your thoughts as you experience the updates. Let us know what you love, what’s missing, and what we can improve. You can reach our product team directly at productfeedback@apptentive.com.

We hope you love it. Enjoy!

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