Building apps that people love

On a regular basis, we try to share some of the best materials shared about building your app business and communicating with your customers. Here are some of the best we’ve come across recently.

How to build your app business

  • A screenshot from Everyme showing its feedback button

    Everyme’s feedback button

    Capturing Feedback in your iPhone App – an awesome story from the makers of Everyme about how incorporating feedback into their app has made them more successful. From better ratings and reviews to more engagement around how to use their app, Everyme’s story really underscores the benefits to communicating with your app’s customers.

  • How to build an App Empire – The story of Chad Mureta’s recovery from a horrible car accident to become an “appreneur” is inspiring on its own. His tips and tricks for creating a successful niche app business is well worth the read. Be warned, however, this is definitely more self-promotional than most of the things we link to  and we don’t agree with all of his tactics.
  • How I learned Objective C, Cocoa and developed an iPhone app – We loved this writeup from Mark Boszko, who taught himself how Objective C and Cocoa and released an app into the wild on his own. We’re adding some of his resources to our iPhone development resources list and loved his advice to focus on an app you’re passionate about.
  • This presentation on making and marketing mobile apps by Rachel Pasqua  super valuable and chock full of information:
    View more PowerPoint from Rachel Pasqua

Thoughts on customer communications:

  • This podcast, Where has the sense of mission gone with customer service?, with Frank Eliason of Comcast is a valuable discussion about customer service in the new consumer age. In particular, they ask a really interesting question: “What would happen if you built scalable intimacy with your customers and your team?” The conversation with Frank starts about 23 minutes in and you can find the iTunes file here.
  • Finally, this study confirms something we’re big believers in: First impressions drive and determine Customer Loyalty. Putting your best foot forward the first time someone interacts with your app or service is absolutely critical.
Seth Godin on Customer Love

Why Customer-Driven Communication is the Future of Marketing

Seth Godin on Customer Love

We know that we spend a lot of time sharing our thoughts on the importance of customer communication and feedback. From time to time, we like to point out that we’re not doing this in a vacuum. We’re constantly learning from others and in many cases, we’re learning from people who have been making the same case for many many years.

One of the people we really respect and appreciate as we learn is Seth Godin, who’s written a number of excellent books about Permission Marketing, Being Remarkable in Business and Bootstrapping. His books are worth the read and when we came across this video interview with him, we had to share. It’s an excellent take on how to think about developing customer relationships, the core of consumer marketing and why everyone should be figuring out the answer to a simple question:

“How many people want to hear from us?”

Thanks Seth, for being insightful and so consumer-focused.