Appreciate your customers by listening

Around the web and in the real world, April has been acknowledged as “Customer Appreciation Month”.  With it coming to an end, we thought we’d share a few inspiring and insightful pieces of content about some ways in which you can truly appreciate your customers: by listening to them and respecting their feelings when they come to you with complaints.

  • 5 Rules for Handling Complaints: Respond, Acknowledge, Elevate, Apologize and Downsize. I like how they laid this out and how simply actionable it is.
  • Users are the inspiration: 2 great quotes from this awesome piece below
    • “There are two reasons you should put in the time to answer support emails: because you want to fix bugs in your product, and because it’s one of the few times you actually get to talk with your customers (don’t forget, they are customers too).”
    • “Happy users turn into paying users.”
  • Found this via Om’s blog and it’s wonderful. 3 minutes from the CEO of Amgen discussing how he really learned to listen and why it’s important
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