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Many thanks to folks who have put out great resource lists of their own that have inspired us to share much of the above:

  • Maurice Kindermann

    Great article. Here’s a UX comparison between Android and iOS standard widgets, with links to the documentation on the relevant Apple / Android websites. It’s a nice way to get started learning all the technical terms.

    • Apptentive

      Awesome, that’s a great resource, thanks for sharing it. Will you be updating it for iOS 7? It’d be interesting to see how it changes.

      • Maurice Kindermann

        Yeah we will, we’ve been playing around with iOS7. It’s going to be interesting to see the cool new things people will start making with the crazy API changes. Most people don’t realise Apple have spent a tonne of time updating all their API’s, in fact all of iOS7 is built with the API’s that everyone is going to be able to use.

        Very exciting.

      • Maurice Kindermann

        We’ve added iOS7 now :), and almost doubled the UI elements.

        • Apptentive

          Awesome! We updated our Android and iOS guides to include these, thanks so much for sharing Maurice!