Red Russak joins forces with Apptentive

When we first met Red Russak, Mike and I knew we’d encountered a force of nature – his personality and enthusiasm is infectious. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves on the receiving end of his networking prowess – he introduced us to potential customers, would randomly send us suggestions and generally just “got” what we were working on. The more we got to know Red, the more we loved him.

Which is why we’re absolutely delighted to announce that we asked Red to join team as our first fully sales-focused team member.

Red’s passion for sales, startups and Seattle are a great fit for us and we’re excited to work together.

Red practice pitches the team

Red practice pitches the team

Importantly, as many of you know, Red has been running StartupSeattle for over a year. It’s a great organization that has brought our community closer together and created hundreds of meaningful relationships. Apptentive is passionate about investing in the Seattle community and making it stronger. To us, success is measured in our impact on the world and StartupSeattle’s an important step in the right direction for our little company.

We’re delighted to have Red on our team. Feel free to reach out to him at any time, of course he’s Red [at]

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Robi Ganguly Updated: January 8th, 2013
  • Ken Keiter

    *GREAT* hire. Can’t imagine a better pairing.

    • Robi Ganguly

      Heck yeah :)

  • Grant Feek

    Red + Apptentive = WIN. Congrats team!

    • Robi Ganguly

      Thanks Grant!

  • Chris Morse

    Congrats Red!