Better ratings for your Android apps

We hear it all the time: Android app developers want to get more and better ratings.

We can help.

Our approach is focused on your end customer: we help you ask them if they're loving your app and, importantly, if they don't love it, we give them the opportunity to tell you why not.

Feedback for your Android apps

We love the Android platform and Android developers. More importantly, we love all of the smartphone users who are adopting the Android platform. Which is why we have been focused on supporting Android from the beginning.

Dropping our feedback component into your app takes less than 15 minutes and gets you in closer contact with your customers than you've ever been.

For those of you using email already, this will eliminate all the empty e-mails you're getting. In addition to getting communications from your app customers you'll get information about the customer's device, their OS and the carrier they're on, helping you get to the bottom of any problem quickly and without unnecessary back-and-forth with your customers.