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The Apptentive Story

Apptentive was founded in 2011 as a lean startup on a mission to make it easier for companies to build stronger relationships with their customers. In 2012, we entered TechStars Seattle and raised a seed round involving Google Ventures, Founder's Co-op, Social Leverage, and Golden Venture Partners. In 2014, we raised a second round lead by SurveyMonkey, and are using it to rapidly grow our team and build the best set of tools available that make it easy to connect and understand your customers in a meaningful way.

Thanks to you, our customers, friends, and family, for being a part of the Apptentive story and making each chapter more exciting than the last. We invite you to continue with us on this journey.

Thank You,
-Team Apptentive

Meet the team

We spend our days finding better ways for you to listen to your customers!

Robi Ganguly CEO, Co-Founder

Mike Saffitz CTO, Co-Founder

Sky Kelsey Android Lead, Co-Founder

Andrew Wooster Co-Founder

  • Robi Ganguly CEO, Co-Founder

    Robi grew up in Redmond, back when it was most famous for Nintendo rather than Microsoft. He spent his formative years studying Tae Kwon Do (6-time WA state champ) and experimenting with BASIC on a Sperry PC. After attending Pomona College, where he majored in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Robi moved to San Francisco and worked for Deutsche Bank Alex Brown, experiencing the "dotcom crash" firsthand. Following DB, Robi spent 3 years at WebEx Communications, where he built one of the industry's first SaaS pricing strategies. Robi then joined Yahoo!, where he created the Supply Management practice and set many of today's ad standards. Since leaving Yahoo! in 2008, Robi has advised several global CPG brands on their digital communications strategies, which led him to create Apptentive.

  • Mike Saffitz CTO, Co-Founder

    Mike grew up in Seattle, skiing, fishing, hiking, and camping in between creating bulletin board systems and building some of the Internet's earliest websites. He attended Pomona College, majored in Computer Science and Mathematical Economics, and still daydreams about combining the two. After college, Mike spent several years in Philadelphia at the Penn Center for Bioinformatics, where he managed "big data" infrastructure and visualization. Upon returning to Seattle, Mike joined Microsoft where he spent 5 years as the Program Manager for the Windows Phone Developer Experience, during which time he was responsible for developer engagement, application compatibility, the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools, and the Windows Phone 7 multitasking framework.

  • Sky Kelsey Android Lead, Co-Founder

    Sky is a northern California native. He developed a love for backpacking at a young age, followed by mountain biking, and learning to fly airplanes. Sky's first computer was an IBM PS/2, which he used to access online bulletin-board systems while in elementary school. He attended Calpoly, San Luis Obispo, and majored in Computer Engineering. After college, Sky worked for 5 years at Fortify Software, during which time the company grew from 30 to 200 people. He was responsible for several security related developer tools, as well as critical internal systems. Fortify was acquired by Hewlett Packard in 2010. He then spent 2 years at Greystripe, which was acquired by ValueClick in 2011, working on the Android Ad SDK, as well as the ad server which served hundreds of millions of requests per day.

  • Andrew Wooster Co-Founder

    Andrew grew up on his family's cattle ranch in California. After attending Pomona College, he spent 5 years at Apple. There, he worked on a variety of products, including Time Machine, Parental Controls, and software updates for Mac OS X. Since leaving Apple in 2008, he's spent his time doing iOS development, working on everything from medical software to social photo sharing apps. When not working, he spends his time outdoors, traveling, or both.

Red Russak Sales Manager

Steve Sloan Senior Software Engineer

Josh Tuininga Design Director

Andrew Crocker UI/X Design

  • Red Russak Sales Manager

    Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Red loves tech startups, public service and community. In his free time, Red moderates the tech startup hub, StartupSeattle, and curates the local StartupDigest newsletter. Driven to help startups and startup communities, Red lives by the mantra 'give before you get'.

  • Steve Sloan Senior Software Engineer

    A native of Washington, Steve began programming back when computers were just getting "personal". He taught himself a variety of programming languages, starting with Logo and BASIC, through C and assembly language, and began programming professionally while still in high school. He majored in Computer Science at Washington State University, with a focus on computer graphics. After graduation he worked for a variety of tech companies, such as Sony and Amazon, but found his best fit to be in small shops and start-ups. When not experimenting with cutting-edge technologies, Steve enjoys playing drums with several progressive rock bands, and looking for ways to combine his dual passions of music and computers.

  • Josh Tuininga Design Director

    Josh grew up in the Seattle area messing around with his dad's art materials and hasn't stopped since. He attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied art and technology, motion graphics and fine arts. After working as an animator for 2 years, Josh started his own freelance company which has grown into a successful design firm. He now focuses on UI design, illustration and anything else that needs some polish. His award winning work has been published in several publications including Communication Arts, HOW design magazine, Logo Lounge Annuals and numerous online journals. When he's not designing and illustrating you can find him in his art studio painting, tinkering on the piano with his daughters or on the soccer field.

  • Andrew Crocker UI/X Design

    Andrew has held the job of designer, marketer, illustrator, front end developer and UI/X specialist at a number of startups in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado. His most involved work was at SurveyGizmo, while it grew from 10 to 60 people. Soon after, Andrew and his wife moved to the the great, green, pacific northwest. He hasn't looked back, and now spends his time bumming around Seattle, biking, and digesting the latest sci-fi epic from Charles Stross, Karl Schroeder or Peter Watts.

Peter Kamb iOS Lead

Matthew Callis Rails Developer

Christy Culp Dir. of Customer Success

Blake Imsland Software Developer

  • Peter Kamb iOS Lead

    Peter grew up in the Skagit Valley and attended the University of Washington. His apps on the Mac App Store have been featured by Macworld, Lifehacker, and MacFormat amongst other publications. Other interests include vintage cars and Husky football.

  • Matthew Callis Rails Developer

    The human equivalent of Comic Sans. A transplant from Nashville, Tennessee with a background in graphic design and web development. Matthew enjoys JavaScript, candy, cheese, Wayne's World, late night coding sessions, and long walks on the beach. Dislikes include avant-garde jazz, broccoli, and messy SCSS files.

  • Christy Culp Dir. of Customer Success

    Christy hails from the great state of Michigan. She moved to Seattle after post-college stints in Colorado, New Orleans, and DC. Her background encompasses luxury hospitality and sales operations within the IT space. Outside of work, Christy loves a good adventure, traveling, skiing, cooking, and classic novels. She also loves her Michigan State Spartans.

  • Blake Imsland Software Developer

    A native of the Pacific Northwest, Blake is a self-taught developer and inveterate tinkerer fascinated by anything that plugs into a wall - video games, electric guitars, and kitchen gadgets alike. On weekends, you can find him drinking craft beer, eating various food items containing bacon, and failing to persuade his pet rats to do tricks.

Nick Reinhart Customer Development

  • Nick Reinhart Customer Development

    Nick comes to us from just south in Portland, Oregon. Although not a Seattle native, he still understands all things Northwest. Nick graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Business and Marketing. After college, he fell in love with startups and hasn’t looked back since. Nick likes traveling, skiing, craft beer, college football, and the occasional good book.

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